MATnet offers a range of telecommunications and telemetry installation and maintenance services.

  • Fibre optic systems, fibre optic cable termination and testing. This covers both single and multimode.
  • Radio systems installation, commissioning and fault finding. Covers point-to-point, repeater, links, paging (POCSAG), multi-channel, Ethernet and low power broadcast type installations, and associated antenna/feeder installations.
  • Computer LAN installation and commissioning.
  • Computer data-centre infrastructure requirements and implementation.
  • Audio visual equipment installation and commissioning.
  • SDH equipment installation, node configuration and network circuit programming of Alcatel hardware.
  • PDH equipment installation, node configuration and network circuit programming of Nokia hardware.
  • Instrumentation for water level and quality measuring systems.
  • Telemetry equipment, measuring systems and devices. System design, implementation and commissioning. Interfaces to SCADA systems.
  • C-Bus installation and programming.
  • IT infrastructure installation. Includes, routers, hubs, switches, NTUs, cabling.
  • Low end PIC (Microchip®) Microcontroller solutions.
  • Standby Battery installations from 12V up to 435V systems. Includes solar site installations.
  • UPS systems installation up to 30kVA. Single phase and three phase.
  • Repair of most electronic equipment to card level on leaded PCB or 1206 sized passive components, provided schematics are available.
  • Project management services to the Power Generation industry.
  • Project management services to the Telecommunications industry.
  • Equipment panel installation, wiring and equipping.


Here are a few examples of projects we've worked on.

  • Multiple site POCSAG paging system upgrade
  • Design of Fibre Optic ring topology network for SCADA of wind farm in Antarctica – working with three different organisations in three different countries simultaneously.
  • Design and build of multiple stages, dual redundant DC power supply system for Hydro system control gates, Telemetry and Telecommunications supplies.
  • Installation and testing of Microwave radio feeder replacement programme for large power generating company.
  • Technical design and scoping for deployment of dual redundant 10kVA UPS systems for SCADA at 8 hydro power stations.
  • Installation of dual redundant 10kVA UPS systems at two of the above projects sites.
  • Design and develop form conceptual scope an embedded controller for HVAC control unit.